Simon Hopkinson

Artist's Statement

My art is grounded on the conscious expression of subconscious images within dense transparent vitreous forms and on paper. It comprises a distinct pictorial language of abstract symbols that has evolved into a unique semiotic vocabulary. Influenced by Lucio Fontana and spacialist concepts, outcomes are reliant on several interactive relationships. These include the symbolic imagery, its reflection and refraction within the transparent material, the shape of form and the spectators viewing point. The symbols create a short cut or bridge to subconscious thoughts and understanding. The optical effects they generate within the transparent mass represent visible yet intangible reference points to subconscious perceptions and trains of thought. The construction of form influences the optical dynamics of the imagery placed within it. Movement around the form generates transient and unfamiliar images. The observer is compelled to interact with these elements and seek the illusive inner sounds that may emanate from its core.

Curriculum Vitae

MPhil (Applied Arts) De Montfort University. Leicester.
B.A. (Hons) Ceramics and Glass. De Montfort University. Leicester.
H.N.D. Three Dimensional Design Craft. University of Central England, Birmingham.
City and Guilds Institute (Design for Printing). North Warwickshire College of Technology and Art.